Food Safety for Catering – Highfield Level 2 Award (RQF)

Who is it for / requirements?

By law, food business operators must ensure that food handlers receive the appropriate supervision and training in food hygiene.
This qualification is suitable for those working in a catering environment who are responsible for handling food. It is also the most popular food safety qualification accepted by enforcement officers and auditors.

Course Programme

Topics include:
• the importance of food safety procedures
and complying with the law
• microbiological, chemical, physical and
allergenic hazards and their control
• good temperature control and stock
• the importance of good personal hygiene
and preventing contamination, including
handwashing, protective clothing, cuts
and reporting illness
• keeping work areas and equipment
clean and safe
• safe waste disposal
• pest control

Qualification Number


Additional Information


Highfield is the leading provider of regulated compliance qualifications in the UK, certification over 350,000 learners a year.
Highfield currently provides around 70% of all regulated food safety qualifications.
We’re extremely proud to be a Highfield-approved centre and offer industry-recognised qualifications that will enhance learners’ career prospects.

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